• Mockup – Wisely and Slow – Shakespeare Quote Poster
  • Mockup – Wisely and Slow – Shakespeare Quote Poster
  • Poster – Wisely and Slow – Shakespeare Quote Poster

Romeo and Juliet Quote: “Wisely and Slow” Poster


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This Romeo and Juliet quote poster displays a speech by Friar Lawrence as he marries the two star-crossed lovers. As we all know, its words of warning go unfortunately unheeded, leading to the tragic ending of this famous William Shakespeare play.

Poster details

  • 17″x11″
  • Full bleed (color extends to poster edge)
  • Printed on premium, heavy-duty poster paper
  • Product shown hanging from modern clip display

More about this Romeo and Juliet quote
As shown on the poster, the full text of this quote reads like this:

“Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.”

Friar Lawrence (Act 2, Scene 3)