Moby Dick Poster


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AuthorHerman Melville
Publish Date1851
Categories American Literature

A 24″x36″ book poster containing up to Chapter 70 of Moby Dick. Here, Captain Ahab’s ship lurches lightly as Moby-Dick stirs unseen from beneath.

Highlighting the eternal struggle between nature and mankind, Moby Dick is a seminal book known by many as one of the Great American Novels. Told from the perspective of the sailor Ishmael, the book follows the whaleship Pequod and her crew as they sail in search of whales. Soon after leaving harbor, however, Captain Ahab reveals his true intentions for the voyage: to find and destroy the mythical whale called Moby-Dick. Tackling questions of existence, society and class, and the darknesses of human obsession, Melville delivers a captivating and timeless classic as Ahab continues his quest for the legendary white whale.