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Dracula Poster


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AuthorBram Stoker
Publish Date1897
Categories Horror

This 36″x24″ book poster contains the full text of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Here, Count Dracula is slowly generated from a cloud of bats, symbolizing his otherwordly connection to the night crawler.

Told through letters and excerpts, Dracula is late nineteenth-century horror novel that chronicles the vampire Count Dracula and his attempts to relocate from Transylvania to the heavily-populated England. Along the way, the professor Abraham Van Helsing catches wind of the Count’s plans and makes it his mission to stop and destroy the monster. Beyond its strong influence on gothic culture and the horror genre, Dracula touches on themes such as xenophobia, colonialism, the role of women, and sexuality. Though he did not originally create the vampire, Stoker elevated the classic monster to a timeless status spanning literature, art, and film alike.