Around the World: Recommendations for Your Next Book [Infographic]

Stuck wondering what your next book should be? We’ve all been there! But instead of asking yourself what you should read next, try asking yourself: Where do I want to go?

Check out our infographic for a few recommendations for your next book, based on where each novel or play takes place. We chose a random assortment of novels and plays set around the world; this is definitely not a comprehensive or “best of” list. Just some ideas for your next reading adventure!

Around the World book infographic by Books on the Wall

For those viewing on mobile, you can find the text contents of the infographic below along with links to purchase the book through Amazon.

Books Taking Place in Africa

Books Taking Place in Asia

Books Taking Place in Australia

Books Taking Place in Europe

Books Taking Place in North America

Books Taking Place in South America

What did we miss? Which books would you recommend?

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